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Soo-Jin Yang, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Dr. Yang joined the Division of Infectious Diseases in 2006, following his
completion of a postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Nebraska. His
research has focused on two specific areas in Staphylococcus aureus
biology: 1) comparative mechanisms of lipopeptide antibiotic and innate host
defense peptide (HDP) crossresistance? and 2) roles of twocomponent
HDP sensors in S. aureus membranes, especially their regulation of adaptive
systems for S. aureus surivival. Dr. Yang uses intensive molecular genetic
techniques (e.g. mutant induction, gene reporter systems, genomewide
sequencing), imaging technology, and in vivo models of infection. His current
research efforts are performed in context of distinct NIHand American Heart
Associationfunded projects. His longterm goal is to define the mechanisms
by which bacterial pathogens respond to cell membrane targeting by a family
of innate cationic host defense peptides. This research will involve a global
assessment of the adaptive response at the cell membrane level, and genetic networks that are activated or are responsible for survival adaptations of this high priority and public health pathogen.


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